BND Collect is a Worldwide Commercial Business to Business Debt Collection Agency. We are your full service debt collection solution.

By increasing the percentage of bad debt recovery for our clients in a manner that is professional, we ensure that we are maintaining our client’s reputation and image in their industry.

At BND Collect, we handle NSF checks as well as Commercial Accounts for all our clients worldwide. Here at BND Collect, we believe that we should NOT get paid unless you get paid. We have absolutely no upfront fees or charges when placing a claim(s) with us.

We never charge you anything unless we collect your money! We also DO NOT require you to sign a contract with us. To top it off, we use the latest technology on the market; providing superior customer service tools that offer complete transparency for you 24/7.

BND Collect is licensed and bonded. Furthermore, we consistently keep up with our industry’s ever evolving information and regulations with certified professionals handling each project.