BND Collect’s Commercial Accounts are Worldwide, with no upfront fees or sign up charges.

We only charge a fee if we are SUCCESSFUL in collecting your money. If we are unsuccessful at collecting on your account then there is ABSOLUTLY NO collection fee charged to you. As we always say, we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

Commercial Accounts

  • All Accounts are (20%) Flat Rate on Balances Over $5,000.00 with
    No Charge if No Collection
  • All Accounts are (25%) Flat Rate of Balances Under $5,000.00 with
    No Charge if No Collection
  • All Accounts are (30%) Flat Rate on accounts over (1) year of age
    from last invoice or last payment
  • Preferred Clients (those who place multiple accounts at once) please
    CALL US to talk rates!
  • The older an account is the harder it becomes to collect. If an account has not been paid to you within 6 months, they most likely do not want to pay you.

Litigation Accounts

Accounts that need to be sent to one of our attorneys after review and customer consultation will have varying rates and attorney fees depending on size and location of the debtor. We never send any account to an attorney without getting your consent first.

Please keep in mind, BND Collect offers years of experience in knowing which cases are most suitable for litigation and it is an advisable recommendation to pursue in certain circumstances. (As a client you are responsible for all court costs, suit fees or any other fees in addition to the contingency rate; and of course they would not be incurred without your written approval.)